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Hampshire Garden Machinery have a superb range of chainsaws with models designed for professional use as well as models designed for the more occasional and domestic user. The range includes chainsaws from Husqvarna, Stihl, Efco and Mitox.

Whether you are a professional arborist, tree surgeon or forestry worker, or just want to be able to occasionally cut some logs for the fire, we can find the right model for you. As well as chainsaws we keep in stock a large number of replacement bars and sprockets, and virtually every size of chainsaw chain you could want.

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Chainsaw Safety

Working with a chainsaw involves many different work situations with both simple and more complicated steps. The chainsaw is a very effective tool, but it can also be dangerous if used improperly. In order to avoid accidents and unnecessary strain, you should use the correct working techniques, the best possible safety equipment and a modern chainsaw with functioning safety features.

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Chainsaw Chains

As well as chainsaws, we stock a large number of chains, sprockets and guide bars for chainsaws. A recent innovation from Oregon is the Powersharp system, which allows the user to sharpen the chain in seconds.

Just as Husqvarna Chainsaws are considered one of the world’s premier brands, Oregon is an industry leader when it comes to chainsaw chains. Nearly all of the chains we sell are Oregon chains, and if we do not have your size chain in stock we can make one up for you in minutes. As well as new chainsaw chains we can sharpen your current chain – usually while you wait.

The price for sharpening depends on the size but start at around £7.50.

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Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna have been manufacturing chainsaws since 1959 and the fantastic range of Husqvarna Chainsaws includes models for occasional, domestic use as well as chainsaws for more demanding professional users.

Husqvarna have a world wide reputation for producing reliable, well designed and well built chainsaws.

Over 50 years in the chainsaw business has seen a steady flow of safety and efficiency improvements, and a growing range of products.

Whatever your working experience, from felling trees to cutting firewood, there will be a model to suit you in the superb range of Husqvarna Chainsaws.

Powersharp Chainsaw Chain System

The Powersharp Chainsaw Chain System is a unique, proprietary saw chain and sharpening tool from Oregon that gives the user the power to sharpen their PowerSharp® chain, on the saw, on the job, in seconds.

The PowerSharp® system comprises four components that work together to provide a fast, simple and portable method of sharpening a chainsaw chain.

Powersharp Components:

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Powersharp Chain

  • The PowerSharp® Chain has unique, top-sharpening cutters and is low kickback per ANSI B125.1 and CSA Z62.3.
  • Chisel-style cutters, ramped depth gauges and ramped guidance drive links provide a smooth and efficient cutting action and good chip flow.
  • The diamond-coated dresser link resurfaces the sharpening stone, ensuring flat cutter to stone contact
  • Look for the PowerSharp® diamond stamped on each cutter link. Only genuine PowerSharp® saw chains can be used with the PowerSharp® system.

The Powersharp System can only be used with a Powersharp chain.

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Sharpening Stone

The sharpening stone fits inside the bar-mounted sharpener. Matching the saw chain life, the stone should be replaced at the same time as the PowerSharp® chain.

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Powersharp Guide Bar

  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the PowerSharp® guide bar is designed as a direct replacement.
  • Alignment and latch pinholes for the proprietary sharpening tool ensure perfect alignment between the cutter and the stone.
  • Small nose radius helps to reduce kickback energy.
  • Available in three lengths for the majority of saw mounts.

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Sharpening Unit

This clamps over the end of the PowerSharp® guide bar when sharpening.

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The 4 components of the Powersharp system are sold in 2 packs, each pack containing 2 of the components. Both packs (ie all 4 units) will be needed if you want to switch to the Powersharp system:

Pack 1 contains the specific PowerSharp® guide bar and sharpening unit.

Pack 2 contains the specific PowerSharp® chain together with the sharpening stone.

To get started with PowerSharp® you will need both packs. The chain can be sharpened between 5 and 15 times, depending on the conditions. It must always be replaced at the same time as the sharpening stone.

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Powersharp Technical Specifications

Petrol Chainsaws

  • Recommended Chainsaw Size: 2.3hp (42cc) and smaller
  • Available Lengths: 12“ (30cm), 14“ (36cm), 16“ (41cm)
  • PowerSharp® Chain: 91 Low Profile™ 3/8“ pitch, .050“gauge.
  • PowerSharp® Guide Bar: 91 Low Profile 3/8“ pitch. | Laminated body | Non-replaceable nose sprocket | Small nose radius

Electric Chainsaws

  • Recommended electric saws: Motor rating of 1,300 watts @ 220V or greater | Minimum Engine speed of 4,000 RPM | Sprocket 6 or 7 tooth drive sprocket.
  • Available Lengths: 12“ (30cm), 14“ (36cm), 16“ (41cm)

(We recommend 10 seconds for sharpening on electric saws)

The Powersharp Chainsaw Chain System from Oregon enables you to sharpen your chain in less than a minute and is especially useful for anyone who may need to sharpen their chain while out in the field. It can be used on most Chainsaws with a bar up to 16 inches, including Husqvarna Chainsaws.

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Log Splitters & Saw Horses

Log Splitters & Saw Horses make cutting logs and splitting them to make firewood much, much easier, and also much safer.

Log Splitters
A log splitter is a piece of machinery used for splitting firewood from logs that have been pre-cut into sections, or rounds. Log Splitters consist of a hydraulic ram or electrical rod and piston assembly and are usually rated by the tons of force they generate. The higher the force, the greater the thickness or length of the round that it can split.

Saw Horses
A basic Saw Horse is just a beam with four legs used to support a board or plank for sawing. More elaborately designed saw horses designed to cut branches ready for splitting into firewood are called sawbucks in the USA.

Saw Horses are available that help you to cut rounds of an equal length, and even more elaborate ones support the chainsaw for you, making the job even easier and safer.

Rocwood Saw Horse
Rocwood Saw HorseThe Rocwood Saw Horse has been designed to securely hold logs in place, while you safely cut them with a chainsaw.

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Saw Horse Features

  • Serrated edges hold the logs securely
  • Galvanised steel to protect against rust
  • Easy to adjust for different width logs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be folded flat
  • Lightweight for easy transport

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