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Mowing Your Lawn

Unless you have a ride on mower, mowing your lawn is likely to be a chore, but a well maintained lawn can be an absolute delight, not only looking good but being a wonderful place to relax or play.

The ideal height of the grass depends on the type of lawn you are trying to create and this will also influence your choice of lawnmower. For the bowling green look you will need a cylinder mower, but for a less formal lawn you will probably want to use a rotary mower.

If you are using a rotary mower, the ideal length will probably be somewhere between 1.5  and 3 inches. Any less than this and you will probably be better off using a cylinder mower.

Only Cut by One Third

However long you want your lawn and whatever mower you are using, you should never cut more than one third of the length.

So if the grass is, say, 6 inches long, you should set the height to 4 inches and only cut the top 2 inches. You will then need to mow more frequently than normal until you get to the required height.

Frequency of Mowing

The frequency of mowing will depend on the season and the weather, as this will affect the speed of growth. It will also depend on your ideal height.

Assuming you want the grass to be 3 inches long, you should mow the lawn as soon as it reaches 4 inches – ie when it has grown 1 inch.

But if your ideal height is 1 inch, you should mow as soon as the grass is 1.5 inches long (when it has only grown half an inch) which will be twice as often.

Mulching Mowers

With mulching lawnmowers, the grass circulates under the mowing deck getting cut into smaller and smaller pieces until it drops down onto the lawn. This feeds the lawn and avoids the need to collect the grass and empty the grassbox.

If you dont have a composter, it also avoids any trips to the recycling centre to dispose of the clippings.

If using a mulching mower, remember to adjust your speed of cut according to the length of the grass. The longer it is, the slower you should mow to give it time to mulch the clippings.

Mowing When Wet or in Hot, Dry Weather

Try to avoid cutting the grass when it is wet. When it is wet the grass clippings are very sticky and will tend to clog up the mower.

During hot, dry spells let the grass grow longer than usual. This will help to retain the moisture in the soil.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

Automower 450X

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