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Our range of Brushcutters and Trimmers includes models from premier brands like Husqvarna, Efco and Mitox, with models suitable for professional users as well as domestic and residential users.

We also have models that can be used for multiple jobs, like the Mitox 4 in 1 which includes a grass trimmer and brushcutter attachment, a pruning chainsaw, and long reach hedge trimmers.

A brushcutter, also known as a string trimmer or strimmer, and sometimes as a line trimmer, weed whacker, weed whip, weed eater, weedy, or whipper snipper, is a powered handheld device that uses a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade for cutting grass,weeds and other plants.

Smaller models are more often referred to as trimmers or strimmers, and are usually for trimming the edges of lawns and around objects like trees and walls.

Strimmer is actually a trade name but is often used to refer to these smaller string trimmers.

Brushcutters and string trimmers consist of a cutting head at the end of a long shaft with a handle or handles and sometimes a shoulder strap.

Petrol brushcutters have the engine on the opposite end of the shaft from the cutting head while electric string trimmers typically have an electric motor in the cutting head.

Because petrol brushcutters are more powerful, they can handle much thicker line, and some of them use nylon or metal blades instead of monofilament line.

These can be used to tackle much thicker plants – hence the name brush cutter.

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Husqvarna Automower 450X

Automower 450X

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 Deposit  £1,500
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