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Ride On Mowers

We can supply a great range of Ride On Lawnmowers and Lawn Tractors from famous brands like Husqvarna, Mountfield and Toro.

If required, we can arrange a demo in your own garden, allowing you to see how the mower will cope with your particular requirements and then be able to make an informed decision on your garden machinery investment.

There are a large number of factors to think about when buying a ride on mower - front cut or mid deck, mulching or collection (or both), front wheel steer or rear wheel steer, and so on.

Front Cut or Mid Deck Mower

The main advantages of front cut mowers are that it is easier to see where you are cutting, and it is easier to manoeuver into awkward places. This makes a front cut mower the ideal choice for more elaborate gardens.

Mulching or Collection Mowers

A mulching mower chops up the grass cuttings finely and leaves them on the lawn to help feed and nourish it. A 1/4 acre lawn can produce up to 2 tons of grass clippings in a year, so a mulching lawnmower can save you a lot of time and effort as well as avoiding unsightly piles of grass clippings.

A collection mower will collect the grass clippings which will leave the lawn looking neater, and allows you to compost the grass cuttings. You will not need to mow the lawn quite as often as with a mulching mower.

Many collection mowers now have attachments to convert them into mulching mowers, allowing you to use whichever method suits at the time.

As Mountfield dealers we can provide their full range of Ride On Mowers and Lawn Tractors. We have listed a selection of Mountfield Ride On Mowers to give you a feel of what they can do. They all come with extended warranty, and remember that we can also arrange a demonstration in your own garden.

Husqvarna are one of the world's premier garden machinery brands, and although many of their models are aimed more at professional users there are some excellent Husqvarna Ride Ons to suit the discerning residential property owner.


Husqvarna Automower 450X

Automower 450X

 Purchase Price  £3,000
 Deposit  £1,500
 Monthly Payments
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