Hedge Trimmers

Petrol Hedgetrimmers

Petrol Hedgetrimmers allow work to be done much faster and with much less effort than manual ones. They are generally designed with OPC safety devices such that they only work when the operator has both hands on the handles.

The cutting mechanism is very similar to that of finger-bar mowers, and there are models with blades on only one side as well as models with blades on both sides. Models with blades on only one side can only cut in one direction.

Petrol Hedgetrimmers tend to be more powerful, but are also heavier and more difficult to start.

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Electric Hedgetrimmers

Electric trimmers are generally lighter, less powerful and quieter, but require an electric cord which may limit their usefulness without a portable generator. If this is a problem there are also battery models available for cord-free trimming.

Manual Hedge Trimmers

Manual hedge trimmers (also known as hedge shears, or hedge clippers) are basically just large scissors or large pruning shears. They need nothing to operate, and are cheap and environmentally friendly, as well as being better for more precise trimming.

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