Cultivators & Scarifiers

We have a range of cultivators and scarifiers suitable for both professional and domestic use.

A cultivator is basically a small tilling machine that can be used used in small household gardens and small commercial gardens. A rotary cultivator will perform both primary and secondary tillage, doing both the ‘plowing’ and the ‘harrowing’, preparing a smooth, loose seedbed. Many people refer to them as Rotavators, but this is really a brand name.

From time to time you need to cultivate the soil to achieve better growth. Using a spade can be backbreaking work, but with a motorised cultivator the job gets done perfectly and with minimal effort.

Husqvarna Cultivators

Whether you need to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, Husqvarna has a cultivator for you. Their range comprises two different types of cultivators: rear-tine and front-tine.

The rear-tine models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. With powered wheels and counter-rotating tines, these machines break up soil very effectively.

The front-tine cultivators are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flower beds and garden patches. These cultivators are driven by the tines and are available with working widths from 24 cm to 85 cm. The smaller models are perfect for tighter garden spaces and can also be fitted with accessories for various garden tasks.

Choosing a Cultivator

Things to keep in mind when buying a cultivator:

For large and open areas a rear-tine counter-rotating cultivator or a front-tine cultivator with high engine power and generous working width is the most suitable. For versatile garden tasks, you might consider buying a front-tine cultivator with accessories for moss raking, edging, scarifying and ploughing. If you have many small patches and flower beds in your garden you should make sure that the cultivator you choose has carrying handles or transport wheels.

For optimum manoeuvrability and control, choose a cultivator with a reverse gear.


Hampshire Garden Machinery have a wide range of electric and petrol scarifiers to help you keep your lawn in great condition. We also keep a wide range of spring tined rakes for those who prefer to do it by hand and those with small lawns.

Scarifiers are designed to remove organic layers of thatch, moss and dead grass from your lawn whilst breaking up the surface of compacted soil and retarding the growth of weeds.

Most lawns should be scarified twice a year, in the spring and in autumn. For small lawns, this can be done with a rake, although it is still back-breaking work. This job is much easier when you have the right tools.

When to Scarify

Most lawns will benefit from being scarified twice a year. In the spring light scarification is recommended before treating the lawn, to remove thatch and moss from the surface of the lawn. In the autumn more intense scarification is recommended with the blades of the scarifier set at their maximum. As well as removing thatch and moss from the surface, the blades will dig into the soil cutting through the shallow roots of the grass.

This will help the grass develop deep, healthy roots. Most electric and petrol scarifiers have height adjustment on the blades, allowing you to select light or intense scarification.

Petrol or Electric Scarifier

Petrol Scarifiers are heavier than electric ones and therefore tend to be better for lawns with very thick thatch. The lighter, electric models tend to lift off the lawn when the thatch is really bad. If you have a large lawn you may run the risk of burning out the motor on an electric scarifier if it is made to work too hard for extended periods of time. Electric scarifiers are best suited to smaller lawns and when light scarification is required.

Ride On Mowers with Scarifiers

Many Ride On Mowers have scarifier attachments that can be bought which are ideal for those with really large lawns.

Scarifiers for Rent

As well as a range of electric and petrol scarifiers for sale, Hampshire Garden Machinery also have scarifiers available for rent.

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