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Husqvarna has a long history, rich in tradition, with the first Husqvarna plant being established in 1689 as a weapons foundry. Over the years Husqvarna has produced a large range of different products, including sewing machines, bicycles, motorcycles and kitchen equipment.

Through the centuries the product line has changed, with chainsaws and power lawn mowers first being produced in 1959. Husqvarna is a worldwide, premier brand, and the Husqvarna group also own such well-known brands as Flymo and McCulloch.

Best known for their chainsaws and ride-on mowers, the name Husqvarna is synonymous with quality garden machinery.

Husqvarna offers a full range of forest and gardening tools including lawn mowers, chainsaws, robotic mowers and more for homeowners and professional use.”

“Whether you are maintaining a large commercial property or a small yard, you can count on Husqvarna‘s innovative and high-performance equipment.”

“With over 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals and consumers with forest, park, lawn and garden products. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and trimmers to innovative robotic lawn mowers."

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